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Elevate the Client Experience.
Accelerate the Process.

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3X Larger Case Sizes vs. the Industry Average
3X Larger Case Sizes vs. the Industry Average

Build Client Income Plans In 30 Minutes or Less

Complete Transactions in Just 10 Minutes

Change the Client Experience

Enhance Participation and Buy-In

Integrated tools, charts and graphs transform complex financial concepts into easy to understand visuals, giving clients a “big picture” view of their retirement plan. Immediately engage clients, who become eager and active participants in the planning process.

Change the Planning Process

Build Client Income Plans In 30 Minutes or Less

Quickly assess a client’s most critical income risks using powerful real-time tools and “what if” scenarios. Explore solutions by test driving pre-modeled products inside the client’s portfolio. Together, you arrive at decisions in just minutes.

Change your Back-Office Performance

Complete Transactions in Just 10 Minutes

Expedite the business submission process with powerful data integration and a fully automated application system. Built-in smart logic reduces application errors, speeds compliance review and eliminates frustrating paperwork reroutes. Say goodbye to NIGOs.

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